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$625 (First Session Only)

Tired of trying to master winged eyeliner? Look no further! 

With Eyeliner PMU you wont have to worry about trying to perfect those wings everyday!

The eyeliner is created by using a sterile, single-use tip in a motorized tool & non-toxic pigment.

In this 3 hour session, our very talented technician/artist will map out aka "Blueprint" your perfect shape paying attention to details such as your bone structure, eyeliner preference, thickness and wing length.

Topical anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable throughout the appointment.

!!!! Most clients score 2-3/10 on the pain scale making it virtually painless!!!!

*Not everyone's skin heals the same. Although not mandatory for Eyeliner, booking a perfecting session is strongly recommended to get your PMU investment to 100% perfection!

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