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Natural Lip Gloss

Lip Liner

$400 First Session

+$175 Perfecting Session*

Like your lips only better!


Lip Liner will give you a light outline, deepening the color of your lips creating a fuller, healthier look. 

The lip is created by using a sterile, single-use tip in a motorized tool & non-toxic pigment.


In this 2 hour session, our very talented technician/artist will customize the perfect shade that compliments your natural lip color, shape and skin tones.

Topical anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable throughout the appointment.

It is STRONGLY suggested to take a Doctor prescribed anti-viral prior to Lip Treatment. 


*If booked within 8 weeks of the initial appointment.

*Due to the nature of lip tissue, a perfecting session may be needed for ultimate Lip Liner results.


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