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PMU/Tattoo Lightening

$100+ per session

Make It Go Away!

Whether you are looking to reshape your  permanent makeup brows or lightening an old tattoo for a cover up, we are here to help you and your artist achieve your goals safer and faster so you can enjoy your skin and ink again!


We offer pmu/tattoo lightening with the PICOWAY® Laser - the most advanced technology targeting ALL ink colors, including those pesky blues, purples and greens, safely on all skin colors.  

We also offer Saline Lightening/Removal:

Using a sterile, single-use tip in a motorized tool & an industry standard solution with high salt & fruit seed extract content, this technique can gently lift out existing pigments. 

More than one session is generally required with a 8 week minimum healing time in between sessions. 

A FREE 15-30 minute consultation is REQUIRED. 

*Individual results may vary. 


Smoky Eye Makeup
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